Sarah Huckabee Sanders Knocks Mitt Romney apos;s Criticism Of Donald Trump

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Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is no fan of Sen. Mitt Romney's criticism of her ex-boss, . 
'I think he's doing a disservice to the party and to the country,' she told longtime Democratic strategist James Carville at the Politicon conference Sunday.

'I think he's more focused on his own political ambitions instead of moving the country forward. And I don't think what he's doing is productive or helpful or meaningful.' 
Romney is one of the few Senate who has been publicly critical of Trump, especially over the president's strategy. 
Huckabee Sanders and Carville had an animated discussion on a range of topics including the news media, White House staff, D.C.

restaurants  and whether Trump's supporters would take up arms if Congress tried to remove him. 
Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared at Politicon on Sunday, where she was interviewed by Democratic strategist James Carville 
There, Sarah Huckabee Sanders knocked Sen. Mitt Romney's (pictured) criticism of President Trump saying it wasn't 'helpful' 
Carville asked the former top spokeswoman if there would be a 'civil war' if Trump were removed. 
'I don't think we're going to have to deal with that because that's not going to happen,' Huckabee Sanders said. 
Carville also asked those in the audience if they'd take up arms in defense of the president. 
The crowd was filled with Trump supporters and several did stand.
'Would you urge these people to take up arms?' the Ragin' Cajun asked.  
 Huckabee Sanders answered that she'd 'encourage people to defend freedom.' 
'I would encourage people to defend liberty.

I would encourage people to defend what makes America special, it's not ignoring the Constitution, it's support it, it's defending it, it's fighting for it,' she continued. 
 She then clarified that she wasn't promoting violence. 
'Look, nobody is encouraging violence against anybody,' she said. 
'I want to be extremely clear.

Not the president, not me ... People that are saying things like that, that's what's dangerous. When you're inciting things, you're creating something that doesn't exist,' she said. 
She also noted her own security situation.  
'I'm the first White House press secretary in the history of the country to ever require Secret Service protection so I don't want to be lectured,' she said. 
Carville shot back that he wasn't lecturing her. 
'Don't, don't, don't pull this,' he said.

'I have a question about violence.'
He also had some questions about White House staff. 
He asked Huckabee Sanders her thoughts on a statement her successor, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, put out about former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. 
Grisham said that Kelly was 'totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great president.'  
'I had a great relationship with General Kelly during my time at the White House.

I respect his service and his sacrifice to the country. I think he is an admirable person, certainly love his family,' Huckabee Sanders said. 
Carville suggested that Huckabee Sanders disagreed with Grisham by her answer. 
She wouldn't go that far. 
'My job is not to pick apart other people, but tell you how I personally feel and I can tell you I had a good relationship with General Kelly,' Huckabee Sanders stated. 
The former press secretary also praised acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.  
'I think he'll do a good job getting a good team around them,' Huckabee Sanders said on Mulvaney's role of getting the White House impeachment-ready. 
She said the most important person to be prepared was President Trump, and he is. 
 Carville noted that the Democrats definitely would impeach the president.
James Carville (right) asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders (left) to name her favorite D.C.

restaurant, a reminder that she had once been bounced out of an eatery by an anti-Trump owner. Huckabee Sanders said she liked Iron Gate in Dupont Circle 
 'Good luck with that,' Huckabee Sanders scoffed.  
And Carville also noted that the GOP was in a weakened position, pointing to a number of Congressional Republicans retiring. 
'Certainly there are a number of Republicans who are retiring, maybe they can't keep up with this president, all he's getting done,' Huckabee Sanders responded, iliciting a mix of cheers and groans from the crowd. 
 Huckabee Sanders said she felt 'very comfortable with the position' Trump was in as far as re-election prospects. 
'I'm very comfortable looking at the contrast between what Donald Trump stands for and what Elizabeth Warren and Beto O'Rourke, all of the other crazy ideas that are coming out of the left,' she said. 

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'Is shooting immigrants in the leg a crazy idea or a sane idea?' Carville injected. 
He got booed. 
 'And here I thought I'd be the first one to get booed,' Huckabee Sanders said. 
Huckabee Sanders, who is relocating back to her home state of Arkansas as she plans her political future, also revealed her favorite D.C.

dining spot. 
She was infamously asked to leave a restaurant called the Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia, with Trump supporters taking it out on a D.C. restaurant with the same name. 
'There's a great restaurant called Iron Gate,' she said, referencing a romantic spot in Dupont Circle.

'It's amazing. Great food, great atmosphere.' 
'I think that if you and I were in town we could both go there and have a great time. I would even be happy to buy you a drink,' she told Carville.